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We welcome all businesses located in Belize to advertise on the

HOT Guide Belize mobile app and website. 

Please click below to enter your business details.  You can submit up to 5 businesses on this form but a separate form must be used for businesses owned/operated by different individuals or parent companies.  Volume discounts are available when advertising multiple businesses.

advertise_0 You are not obliged to offer a discount/special offer via the HOT Guide, but advertisers that do, confirm this does produce the best results and gives them a means of measuring the effectiveness of their advertising.

HOT Guide Belize will review your information, and provide you with a draft of the advert before it is made live in the app.

If you are paying by credit card you will be passed to our secure credit-card processing page to make your payment once you have submitted your business information. Details for other payment methods will be displayed if appropriate.

If you have any queries regarding the advertising or any aspect of HOT Guide Belize, please email

Thank You and we look forward to working with you.